Slovníček pojmů

The financial investor´s orientation is short to medium term: an „exit strategy“ is sought as soon as feasible. The financial investor is searching for willing buyers for his stake. The financial investor has limited interest in the company’s day-to-day management. Optimally, his money buys for him not only a good product and a good market, but also a good management. But his interpretation of the roles and functions of „good management“ are very different to that offered by the strategic investor. The financial investor is satisfied with a management team which maximizes value. The price of his shares is the most important indication of success. Invested in so many ventures and companies, the financial investor has no interest, nor the resources to get seriously involved in any one of them. Micro-management is left to others – but, in many cases, so is macro-management. The financial investor typically participates in quarterly or annual general shareholders meetings and reserves the decision making powers in adoption of key strategic and financial measures.